Growing together with our Customers

About us

AMADA Group and AMADA ISE mission

The AMADA Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of metal working machinery. Founded in 1946 by Isamu Amada, the Japanese Group has carved out a unique position in the industry - more than just a manufacturer of machines, AMADA creates real technological solutions that support its customers' competitiveness.
The main businesses are the manufacture, sale, lease, repair and maintenance of metalworking machines and equipment. AMADA Group offers a complete range of solutions: Sheet metal machinery, Cutting machine, Grinding machine, Stamping press and Micro welding, but also software, peripheral equipment, tooling, maintenance and services.
With over 100 companies and subsidiaries on five continents, over 9,000 employees, and with more than 2100 patents, the AMADA group provides the highest quality solutions in each market around the world by optimally distributing our group’s management resources.

AMADA Innovative Software Europe (AMADA ISE) is a center of excellence.
As part of the AMADA Global Software Development Department and thanks to over 30 years of experience, AMADA ISE's mission is to provide complete, high-quality, and innovative software products for digital manufacturing in the sheet metal sector using cutting edge technologies.
AMADA ISE develops products that add value to AMADA machines, which contribute to increasing global sales.
Our main domain areas are robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, 3D graphics, physics, and real-time software architectures for CAD/CAM applications applied to bending and welding technologies.
Besides contributing to the global software development, AMADA ISE also fosters a close relationship with AMADA European companies to advance to the expansion of the bending robot business in Europe.

Our values

AMADA Group Management Philosophy

Customer oriented

Growing together with our Customers

Our company has been sharing this philosophy as a starting point for all of our business activities since its formation. We believe that the creation and provision of new values based on customers' perspective will strengthen the relationship of mutual trust between our customers and the AMADA Group, and become a source of mutual development.

Worldwide contribution

Contribute to the international community through our business

Our company recognizes that contribuing to "manufacturing" conducted by our customers throughout the world leads to the development not only of local communities, but also the international community as a whole, and we conduct our business activities with the aim of providing the highest quality of solutions in each market around the world by optimally distributing our group's management resources.

Human Resources Development

Develop human resources who pursue creative and challenging activities

We are constantly in search of new and better ideas to put into action in order to improve and enhance our business activities. This is the AMADA Group’s basic philosophy of human resources development, and we believe that AMADA’s unique corporate culture will be further developed by continuing to practice this philosophy.


Ethics and Professionalism

Conduct sound corporate activities based on ethics and fairness

We promote transparency and we comply with regulations in the AMADA Group's management and in all aspects of its business activities, and strive to further enhance its corporate value while conducting sound activities.


Take good care of people and Earth's environment

By treating the AMADA Group’s stakeholders (such as shareholders, customers, business partners, employees and local residents) and the global environment with respect, we strive to continue to be a good company for both people and the Earth.


The values that drive us

AMADA ISE shares the same corporate values and code of conduct of the AMADA group.
Customers' trust and positive feedback define our success. We contribute to the worldwide community by adding high-quality solutions to the AMADA products portfolio. For us, the team is more important than individuals: we work together, party together, help each other, and have fun in our everyday jobs.
We share AMADA Co.’s attitude about human resources development, environment, and innovation.
Our very name testifies to extent to which we promote innovation at every level.


What we do

Product Design

The Product Dept. gathers AMADA Group's requirements and helps in designing product solutions that consider all stakeholders' needs.
We create complete, high-quality, and innovative software solutions in cooperation with AMADA and contribute to their evolution and maintenance throughout all lifecycle stages.

Software Development

The Development Dept. implements solutions with particular attention to time, budget, and quality constraints, using agile and well-documented processes, standard procedures and methods, continuous improvements, and software engineering management best practices.
The Quality Management Dept. ensures that the solutions comply with the expected industrial quality standards.

Research & Innovation

The Research & Innovation Dept. conceives of new ideas to improve processes and products to create more value for AMADA customers.
Our internal R&I projects work with cutting-edge technologies and enjoy the benefits of collaborating with university and research centers.

Domain Areas

We work on robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, 3D graphics, physics, real-time software architectures, for CAD/CAM applications applied to bending and welding technologies.

CAD/CAM applications

Bending, welding and panel bender robotized machines

Together with AMADA, we create complete software solutions that are highly qualified and innovative with the goal of optimizing AMADA customers’ production processes.
The solutions exemplify our excellence in our main domain areas, in response to the global market, of robotized bending, welding and panel bender machines.
These applications exhibit our skills and constantly challenge us to innovate in many different fields and domains such as robotics, 3D graphics, physics, collision detection, calculation of trajectories and path planning, artificial intelligence, HMI and UX design, IoT, and system integration.

Your job, our passion

Robotics is one of our main competences

Robotic workcells, as one of our main domain areas, finds a place in most of the software we develop.
Our R&I projects see the use of robotics as an enabling technology in different fields.
AMADA ISE collaborates with some of world’s leading manufacturers, such as Yaskawa, Fanuc and ABB, and provides software components for AMADA products as well as support and counseling for system integrators and subsidiaries.
Additionally, AMADA ISE, through its close partnership with AMADA EU, aims to contribute to the expansion of the bending robot business in the European market through software localization and customization as well as providing specialized services and consulting.

Automation and experience

Smart products for smart people

Our solutions benefit from our continual integration of cutting-edge technologies to provide smart products that fulfill our customers’ needs.
On any given day, we are working with the latest research from areas like artificial intelligence, path planning, automation, smart assistant, expert systems, and machine learning. We find that they facilitate the customers' work: increasing value and reducing costs.

IoT and System Integration

30 years of experience at your disposal

Various European-funded R&I projects benefit from our main domain interests: Internet of things, Industry 4.0, vision systems, and system integration.
We use that experience to then engineer the results of our research for integration into AMADA products to increase the value of the products and solutions we offer.

Our Team

We are dynamic and innovative people, looking towards the future

AMADA ISE is made up of a strong and motivated team of talented, driven, and professional people with a wealth of multidisciplinary experience.
We have a highly qualified staff, composed of both junior and senior members, with a high-stability rate (about 50% of the team has been with our company for more than 10 years).
We promote innovation at all levels: if we decide to tackle new ideas, we offer the necessary freedom and resources to support and implement them. Our dedication to continuous learning and staff development manifests in the form of training courses and certifications in technical, managerial, and soft skill areas.

Marco Ricci

Strategic R&I

Stefania Annè


Alberto Arneodo


Pilar Atora Vinaya


Romano Baravalle


Pietro Barberi


Daniel Barbierato

IT & Building

Alessandro Berrone

Company Quality & Process System

Gabriele Bianchi


Simone Blandino


Lorenzo Bonardi


Marco Bongiovanni


Veronica Borriero

Quality Assurance

Bresciani Monica

Human Resources

Cristian Callegari


Manuele Calussi

Quality Assurance

Marilena Canu

Quality Assurance

Simone Cascarano


Rosalba Castro


Luigi Cataldo

Quality Assurance

Enrico Cerrato


Luca Cerutti


Francesco Chiarella


Gabriela Chiroiu


Debora Conti


Diego Covercia


Antonella Curto

General services

Bruno Dangueuger


Fabrizio De Luigi


Gianluca Desogus

Quality Assurance

Alessandro Dosio

Company Quality & Process System

Loredana Ferrero


Marco Franchino


Nicola Gardiman

General services

Federico Gentile


Dario Getto


Filadelfio Granata


Davide Integlia


Kaori Kachi

Product Knowledge System

Giuseppe Lassandro

Production Management

Calogero Lucido


Massimiliano Minio


Michele Monticone


Cinzia Mulas


Sara Olivieri


Fabrizio Paccagnella


Raffaele Pertile


Rossella Pisanu

Human Resources

Marco Priolo


Noemi Saddi

Quality Assurance

David Silva-Barrera


Costantino Scozzafava

Technology Knowledge System

Emanuele Tattoli

Quality Assurance

Simone Terzuolo


Our team also includes about 8 external consultants, engaged in development and testing activities.

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